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Austin's Imagination Station Learning Academy




Kindergarten Ready

 I use the Abeka, DLM Early Childhood Express curriculums to enrich your child's education.  DLM Early Childhood Express and Abeka curriculums are child-centered programs that nurture each child by offering carefully selected learning exeperiences.  They offer materials and ideas to foster social-emotional, intellectual , and physical development of children.  At the same time, they nurture the natural curiousity and sense of self that can serve as a foundation for a lifetime of learning.  I also refer to the Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines and implement activities through Texas School Ready and Beginning Education:  Early Childcare at Home (BEECH). I will focus on helping your child build character in the following areas: obedience, being responsible, generosity, friendship, helpfulness, manners, cooperation, kindness, consideration, respect, self-control, trust, foregiveness and honesty.  I offer a variety of planned learning and play activities to help your child be ready to succeed academically.  Our learning centers include areas such as music, science, cooking, math, creative arts, alphabet fun, writing, reading, language, computers, tablets, blocks, and dramatic play.   

I provide time for children to explore their feelings and use their imaginations.  I encourage children to investigate their surroundings, solve problems, and think independently.  I support each child's freedom to move from center to center and learn at their own pace.  I observe children's activites and share developmental progress with parents.

The outdoor exploration area allows children the space to run, jump, ride, pretend and dream.  The playground is covered with canopies and a large shade tree.  Outside children have the opportunity to use small, large muscles and explore nature.  Children will enjoy our bike path, trikes, basketball, kick ball, playhouse, sand and water table, just to name a few.  Our favorite games outside are Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light and Ring Around the Rosey.