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‚ÄčParent Comments
"We will miss you so much!  Thank you for EVERYTHING.  The girls love you so much and will always be a part of our hearts.  Can't believe it's been 10 plus years!!!   Much Love and Thanks-"  Shatto Family
"Thank you for being a positive influence in our daughters life.  I really appreciate the love and affection you show all of your kids.  Knowing that our daughter is in good hands has been a great comfort to me in the past few years.  Thanks again for all your efforts"  Lux Family
"We are so thankful and grateful for the care and love you have shown our daughter.  You've been an important part of helping shape our beautiful little girl into the sweet thoughtful little lady she has become.  I know she is going to miss seeing you everyday as she starts kindergarten.  But you will always hold a special place in her heart and ours."   "Wanda you will always be the greatest teacher Rayna and Quinn will ever have regardless of where they end up.  You are the best at what you do!  You have meant so much to our family that words can't describe how blessed we have been to care for Quinn and Rayna!  We couldn't have done it without you.  You've helped give our kids an amazing start preparing then for what's to come, but most important the love you have shown will always keep you close in their hearts and ours.  Thank you for a decade of love and caring and friendship.  We will miss you so!  I hope we can see you from time to time.  Quinn already misses you!"  Richardson Family
"We are going to miss  you so much!  I want to thank you for being such a big part of our lives for the past five years.  You have truly been my son's second mom.  We will always remember you."    Barnebey Family
"Thank you for teaching and loving our child.  Our daughter has always enjoyed going to school each and everyday!  Thank you for creating an environment that encourages learning, builds a sense of community and is filled with fun and excitement! Our daughter is more than ready for Kindergarten..maybe even first grade.  Thank you for doing  a wonderful job building a solid foundation for her.. She is going to be just fine.  We can't thank you enough for all you have done"  Motal Family
Quote from a child  "Thank you for being my best friend."  Motal Family